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Big Critters' stickers are perfect to decorate any surface and also fun to collect. Spice up your laptop cover, phone case, whatever! This pack comes with all of my stickers available at a discounted price (price breakdown listed below)


The stickers that come in the variety pack are, Sea Gallery (3.5 x 3 in), Sleeping Grizzly (4 x 2.6 in), Invasive Bunny (2.3 x 4 in) , African Penguin (2.5 x 2.36 in), Painted Lady Butterfly (1.27 x 1.5 in).


Price breakdown for individual prices of stickers:

Sea Gallery - $4

Sleeping Grizzly - $4

Invasive Bunny - $3

African Penguin - $2

Painted Lady Butterfly - $1


All printed matte laminate giving your sticker a zero-glare with a modern look. With the matte laminate finisih, they are waterproof!


All stickers painted + designed by Emilee Lund

Stickers printed by MakeStickers

Die-Cut Sticker Pack | 5 for $10

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